SweetLife in Denmark

As a next step in our ongoing international expansion, we are excited to announce that SweetLife is now available at BilkaToGO in Denmark! From now on, our Danish customers can enjoy our sugar substitutes, including SweetLife Icing Erythritol, SweetLife St. John’s Bread Syrup, and SweetLife Erythritol.

SweetLife Icing Erythritol offers a calorie-free alternative to powdered sugar, perfect for those who want to reduce their sugar intake while still enjoying a delicious sweet taste. Our St. John’s Bread Syrup, made from carob fruit, adds a natural, honey-like sweetness to various dishes and drinks. And SweetLife Erythritol, a versatile sweetener, is ideal for diabetics as it does not affect blood sugar levels and contains no calories! Erythritol can be used as a sugar substitute for baking, cooking, and sweetening drinks, and it has 70% of the sweetness of sugar.

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St. John’s Bread (Carob) Tree Harvest Season

For the St. John’s Bread tree, also known as the carob tree, the annual harvest season begins from the end of August to the beginning of September. This period lasts about 60 days, during which the fruits fully ripen. The fruit is ready for harvest when it is completely black and leathery. Notably, during the harvest, the tree already bears flowers for the next year's harvest.

The harvest process is often carried out using a bamboo stick to knock the pods from the tree. This is a delicate task because the blossoms for the next year must not be damaged. The pods of the carob tree contain 70% natural sugars and have a honey-sweet taste. This can be well-tasted in the SweetLife St. John’s Bread Syrup, which is made from the fruits of the tree. In addition to being processed into a naturally sweet syrup, the fruit is also ground and used as a substitute for cocoa.

The carob tree is widely regarded as the ideal tree for reforestation in dry climate areas and as protection against forest fires. The root structure helps prevent erosion, keeps the soil intact, and restores the land. In short, a versatile tree!

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