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Fluffy Barbie strawberry cake

The new Barbie movie is working overtime, and that's why we're joining the hype with this pink, airy strawberry cake. And when you think of Barbie, you think of a sweet, yet light cake that is not too heavy on the stomach. And it's an excuse to use those delicious Dutch strawberries!

8 servings
25 min. + 40 min. oven time

325 grams strawberries, stems removed and halved lengthwise
150 grams + 1½ tbsp SweetLife Xylitol
5 eggs
1 tsp lemon zest (optional)
3-6 drops of red food coloring
160 grams + 1½ tbsp flour
SweetLife Powder Erythritol

Also necessary:
24 cm springform pan

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Grease a 24 cm springform pan and line with baking paper. Place the strawberries in a sieve, sprinkle with 1½ tbsp xylitol and set aside so that the strawberries absorb the xylitol.
2. Place the eggs, 150 grams of xylitol and ⅛ tsp salt in a large, heatproof bowl and mix with a hand mixer for a few seconds. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water and beat for 3-5 minutes until a light yellow and slightly thickened mousse.
3. Remove the bowl from the pan, add the lemon zest and 3-6 drops of food coloring (enough for a Barbie pink color) and beat for another 3 minutes.
4. Sift and fold 160 grams of flour into the cream in parts without knocking out the air. Toss the sweetened strawberries with 1½ tbsp flour and spread over the bottom of the springform pan. Spoon the batter on top.
5. Bake the cake for about 40 minutes. A skewer will then come out dry from the cake.
6. When the cake has cooled completely, remove the cake from the springform pan and turn it over onto a plate. Sprinkle the cake with the Erythritol Powder.

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