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Ginger beer mocktail with mint and orange

Ginger gives the sharpness in your throat that alcohol also gives, but without a bad morning. Likewise, our Xylitol delivers the sweetness of sugar without spiking your blood sugar like sugar does.

3 mocktails
10 minutes

2 oranges
10 grams of ginger
1½ tbsp SweetLife Xylitol
250 ml ginger beer with 0% sugar
2 sprigs of mint


1. Peel 2 thin strips of an orange peel. Cut 2 slices from the center of the fruit and cut in half (so you have 4 half moons). Cut the ginger into 3 thin, diagonal slices.
2. Squeeze the rest of the orange into a measuring cup and stir in the Xylitol.
3. Place 3 ice cubes and a piece of ginger in each of the 3 whiskey glasses and pour the orange mixture over them, followed by the ginger beer. Garnish with the mint sprigs and orange peel pieces.

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