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Ginger lemon kombucha mocktail

This non-alcoholic cocktail refreshes every summer evening. Kombucha has a fermented and pungent taste, somewhat reminiscent of alcohol. Our xylitol provides the necessary sweetness to the refreshing lemon flavor.

2 persons
5 minutes

½ lemon, zest grated to ½ tsp zest and fruit cut into thin half slices
2 tbsp SweetLife xylitol (birch sugar)
250 ml ginger lemon kombucha
150 ml sparkling water

Also necessary:
2 tall cocktail glasses
6 ice cubes

1. 'Squeeze' the lemon zest into 1 tbsp xylitol on a plate. Moisten the rims of the cocktail glasses by running a slice of lemon along them and dipping the rims in the lemon mixture.
2. Divide the ice cubes, lemon slices, kombucha and 1 tbsp xylitol among the glasses and stir. Finally, divide the sparkling water

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